The Communication of Richard Dold.

My uncle Richard Edmond (viz. Dick) Rouillard died on Tuesday in his 80th year. Dick was a grandson of Edmee de Chazal and my mother's half brother; was the last of her siblings to pass away. If ever there was a remarkable example of a Rouillard/de Chazal then Dick Rouillard was it! Richard Dold, Colette [...]

Death of John Robert de Chazal

John Robert de Chazal of Sydling St Nicholas Dorset UK died on 23rd March aged 91. Father of Helen, Claire with Winnifred,and Anthony and Edward with Nancy Anthony de Chazal The Reverend John Robert de Chazal February 19th 1916 to 23rd March 2007 John>René>Pierre Edmond (who married his first cousin Lucie)> Joseph Antoine Edmond John’s [...]

Louise de Chazal s’en est allee le 18 novembre

  TEXTE DE GEORGES ROBERT Louise de Chazal s'en est allee le 18 novembre. Texte de Georges ROBERT From left to the right : Marie Claude Souchon, Georges et Philippe Souchon et LOUISE DE CHAZAL Louise de Chazal est née le 29 novembre 1913 à Villa Sylvain, la maison familiale curepipienne de ses parents Edgar [...]

Karen de Chazal deceased in Mauritius last Thursday. She was only 23.

Karen died peacefully in her sleep early on Thursday morning. She just stopped breathing. Over the past few months she had gradually lost her capability for independent living. For the past month she had depended on us for almost everything and spent most of her days and nights asleep or dozing with little interest in [...]

Germaine de Chazal has passed away

     Someone said "when it rains it pours"! After two days of contact with my brother Tristan, I just got the news that my mother passed away an hour ago. Although we anticipated this for some time, it still is a shock and gives us a tremendous sense of loss Monique and Jean-Lucien Je [...]

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