Hommage à Christopher de Chazal

L’initiateur du de Chazal Day, Christopher de Chazal, n’est plus parmi nous. Mais ce 12 mars 2021 est l’occasion de nous souvenir. Il a tant fait pour notre famille.

Jean-Pierre de Chazal

Dear All ,
Happy memories of a very special member of the de Chazal Family .
We hope you will raise a glass tomorrow to wish everyone a happy de Chazal Day and a much better year worldwide to follow .
All good wishes ,
Mike and Marilyn Fanya
Dear All

I have been thinking of Christopher, and how he with others organised such great anniversary parties.
We must all be also thinking of Thelma, she must be missing him so much and was so dependent on him.
We look forward to having a celebration next year.
Very best wishes
Helen Horsler, née de Chazal

Dear all, 
We too think of you and all the cousins, far and near.
Christopher and Thelma are in all our thoughts.
Love – Georges and Laurence Robert
Hope that everyone is well, perhaps we could have a Chazal day in Scotland next year, we have a lot of beds!
Philip Mercer