Anabelle de Chazal

  Anabelle was born and raised in the tropical paradise of Mauritius; however she seems to prefer Yorkshire these days. After graduating from Lancaster University with a degree in Geology; Anabelle volunteered at ICBP Newent for nearly 2 years. Anabelle is responsible for the wellbeing of the aviary birds and for the management of their [...]

Participation brillante au triathlon de Boris de Chazal aux jeux du Commonwealth 2014 de Glasgow, sous les couleurs de Maurice.

Ambitions : To compete in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). Marathon bike ride : In 2009 he completed a solo bicycle ride over 3,300 km from Sydney to Cairns in Australia, taking one and a half months. Boris de Chazal ( 1984) < Gaetan de Chazal (1955) < Gaetan de Chazal [...]

Une descendante Chazal au talent reconnu.

Vernissage de l'artiste-peintreVéronique Le Clezio, à l'Atelier Littéraire, Port-Louis, le 21 mai 2014. Vingt et une toiles exposées sous le thème "Natures". VéroUne descendante Chazal au talent reconnu.nique Le Clézio (1955) < Laurence Souchon (1927) < Lily de Chazal (1906) < Edgar de Chazal (1867) < Pierre Edmond de Chazal (1837) < Furcy de Chazal [...]

The Most Distinguished Order of the Star an Key of the Indian Ocean is the highest distinct order of merit in Mauritius

Le 12 mars 2014, à l’occasion de l’anniversaire de l’indépendance de Maurice, le président de la République a décoré 14 mauriciens comme Grand Officer of the  Order of the Star and Key of the Indian Ocean (G.O.S.K.). Deux descendants Chazal, tous deux hommes de loi, viennent de recevoir cette distinction, la plus haute à Maurice [...]

Oscar’s London Marathon 2008

Oscar's London Marathon 2008 Fundraising Target £2000 Only 47 Days, 12 Hours, 36 Minutes, and 04 Seconds left to train! Event: Flora London Marathon 2008 Event Date: 13th April 2008 As you may have already heard I have been accepted for the 2008 Flora London Marathon. This is my first marathon - It's going to be [...]

Carine de Chazal,  Mauritian Artist and Painter.

  Carine>Michel>Raymond>Edouard>Auguste Translation in English: CHRISTOPHER de CHAZAL I was born in 1982 and grew up in a close knit family on a sugar estate where I learnt to share, to love one another and life’s values. My whole world revolved round my parents whom I adored. Eight years after my birth I suffered my [...]

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