Lettres de Marc de Chazal à son père Pierre-Edmond

                Ces lettres sont précieusement conservées et retranscrites par Mathilde Spall, petite-fille de Marc de Chazal.  The file below can take awhile to load so please be patient however, if you can refresh your browser or click the blue download link below [gview file="https://secureservercdn.net/" height="750px" width="100%" save="1"] [...]

Christopher de Chazal

A load of incidents, happenings and events in my life together with other things I may remember. Christopher de Chazal When is a book not a book? When it is notes about my life. (Initial footnotes do not embellish the text, they constitute homework!)   [gview file="https://secureservercdn.net/" save="1"] [gview file="https://secureservercdn.net/" width="100%" save="1"] [gview file="https://secureservercdn.net/" save="1"] [gview [...]