The UK Luncheon 8/3/2020

Back row: Robert Jamet, André Robert, Julian little, Andrew and Karin Jackson, Melanie andoscar de Chazal, Clemencia Horsey, Helen de Chazal, Maurice de Chazal, Claire card, Philip Mercer Saphia le Breton.
Vanessa de Chazal, Martha and Edward de Chazal, Thelma and Christopher de Chazal, Katrina de Chazal, Angélique de Chazal (Sim), Emily Mayer, Alexandra Mercer, Mike and Marilyn Fanya
Front: David, Clara, Isabel, Anya, Juliette (Sim), Thomas de Chazal

This year de Chazal Day falls mid-week. Marilyn Fanya was to holiday in Mauritius soon after so we organized a luncheon for all those allied to the de Chazal/Mayer families a few days before de Chazal Day.


Marilyn organized all the food and it was delicious! Traditional chicken curry and rice was on the menu.


What a magnificent turnout of about 40 people! It was really an occasion to remember; a varied crowd with common ancestry with the de Chazal Family.


Robert Jamet who wrote the article on François and his relationship with the Rosicrucians. from Bristol, regretfully without his wife Miriam.


We were delighted to see Maurice and Katrina de Chazal with their daughter Angélique (Sim) and granddaughter Juliette. One very special guest was André Robert all the way from Mauritius who happened to be in London on this weekend. He was a very welcome last minute surprise.


The Coronovirus sweeping the world stopped three guests from coming. We were especially disappointed that David and Helle de Chazal decided not to travel and that Kinnie de Lalouvière was not able to be our photographer.

–Christopher de Chazal


de Chazal day 2020 by Robert Jamet:

DE CHAZAL DAY 2020-UK - Robert Jamet