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by Hamish Levack [2014]

I am three generations away from having an ancestor that bore the de Chazal surname, my
linkage being Hamish Levack (1944)< Deborah Mayer (1919) < Ralph Mayer (1886) <
Berthe de Chazal (1856) < Edmond de Chazal (1809) < Toussaint de Chazal (1770) < Régis
de Chazal (1735) < Noble Aimé de Chazal (1706) < Jean-Baptiste ( 16..) < Jean II Chazal
(16..) < Jean I (16..), but a few of us with Mayer antecedents may have more de Chazal
genes in us than some of those who carry the de Chazal surname today. Since Edward
Mayer [1807-1877] arrived in Mauritius in about 1832 there have been at least 15 marriages
involving the mixing of De Chazal and Mayer genes. A couple of these liaisons involved my
direct forebears, and the others involve my cousins, uncles or aunts of one sort or another.
Here are the connections that I am aware of. There are probably more, and I hope readers
will add and enlarge on any that I have failed to account for adequately in this essay.

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