Chazfest 2004 Bolivia and Argentina (Julien de Chazal)


I am going to write in English as I think many people might read it and I want to show what a fantastic reception we have received from the Bolivian and Argentine cousins and the disappointment (specially from the Bolivians) about the low turnout.

My trip down South America took me to La Paz , Sucre and Santa Cruze in Bolivia and Tucuman and Buenos Aires in Argentina. I thought I knew what to expect of those 2 countries but it was an eye opener.


La Paz, the capital, is built over the 2 sides of a V with the center at the bottom of that V. The place is poor, very much the appreciated city of the indigenous people who seem to live the same way of their forefathers at the time of the conquistadors. Due to its altitude, 4,000 meters, it is very cold at night and quite warm during the day and it takes time to adjust like not too much alcohol intake, nose bleeding and breathing difficulties.

From the hotel bar, in the early evening, on the top floor one appreciate the glittering of the residences lights with the glacier in the background.
Sucre, the legal capital, is a city that was built in the 16 and 17 teen century and nothing was done to it since. Spanish architecture of the time with entry to a house courtyard and all the rooms give on that courtyard or some other courtyard depending on the wealth of the builder in the 16/17 teen century. Very interesting history.
Santa Cruze is like an American farwest city of time past. It is very much a place of opportunity and by far the wealthiest city in Bolivia and the wealth has made it the largest with some 1,1 million inhabitants It has a rich soil conducive to large cultivation of sugar cane, rice, cotton and soybean plantations. Big oil and gas reserves have been and still being discovered in the province.

The reunion of the de Chazal cousins.

The least I can say is that the Bolivian cousins, due to their good upbringing, did not show any open sign of their disappointment of the low turnout.

IMG021-600One could see the Bolivians went out of their way in the planning and time spent to make sure that their cousins from the far distant places of this globe have the warmest and unforgetful stay with a very great agenda of activities. They all welcome us and participate in the activities. Some would get out of their busy working activities to make sure that we were very welcome and that they appreciate very much that we made such a long trip to have such a big and dispersed family maintain contact.

Just some samples of their thorough planning were:

1) Coat of arms pin for the tie or coat.

2) Napkins with the coat of arms and the writing “ Chazfest Bolivia 2004 3rd de Chazal’s world reunion”.

3) Tee shirts with the coat of arms embroidered (not printed in the cheap way). So was the cap.MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

4) Writing paper with the letter head Chazfest Bolivia in the middle, the de Chazal coat of arms on the left and the Bolivian flag on the right. More important the paper had a big coat of arms as background.

5) A folder wMINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAith a welcome cover sheet, one sheet resume of the Bolivian ancestor Guy de Chazal and a genealogical tree of the Bolivian cousins.

6) Gift of a book from Guido and family on the history of Santa Cruze as well as one on the missions of the Chiquitos.

7) A DVD recording of the whole reunion as a souvenir of the memorable time we all had.

8) Coat of arms chisel into a wooden block.

9) Pictures and articles were to be found in the 2 city newspapers, El Beber and El Dia, everyday during the reunion.



Chiquitos197-600    Chiquitos0199-600    IMG_413-600

The agenda consisted of:
Wednesday July 21.

ChiquitosDGP2020-600Welcoming cocktail for all the Bolivians and visitors with the Mayor of Santa Cruze making a presence and a speech. A great gathering with welcoming speeches and one speech, specially appreciated, from the doyen of the Bolivian group, Carlos de Chazal. He talked of the values in life passed down by his father, the first de Chazal, Guy or Guido.

Thursday July 22.

Sightseeing of Santa Cruze and a fantastic open lunch with local music at Carlos de Chazal’s (jr) retreat, Porongo, just outside the city. Everybody was at the lunch including those who run their own business. Excellent buffet where everybody could mix and did mix and later a group of local musicians brought in some local atmosphere.

In the evening we went to a diner and fashion show appreciated by all. Monserrat Masanes is a fashion designer and very good at it. It was full house for the occasion (some people were standing). Montserrat certainly has abilities.

Friday July 23
Sightseeing of the city of Santa Cruze and a great lunch at Dolly. No expense spare to make sure that we enjoy ourselves. An excellent beef on the spit . A local musical group to liven the lunch. As the day before it was a full participation. The Bolivian cousins, like all good South Americans, could not avoid dancing to the South American tunes and that contagions spread to the overseas cousins.

Santa_CruzR173-600 Santa_CruzD1806a-600 Santa_CruzD868-600

In the evening we had a full dress diner with an excellent open buffet, live show and a musical band. The show was performed by local Bolivian dancers and their cultural dances. Later everyone was on the dance floor to the tune of Bolivian music. Great enjoyment by all.

Saturday July 24.Santa_Cruz0046-600

Visit to an ecological paMINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERArk, archeological ruins, waterfalls and lunch at a resort. Beautiful countryside and sceneries.

The evening was an open visit of the city center with drinks, food etc. The South Americans like their cafes/restaurants particularly in the open air on Saturdays. Santa Cruze is warm in winter and hot in summer.
Sunday July 25

Visit to a park where the young people could swing from tree to tree with the use of a cable connection. But this was more enjoyed by the older generation.

The evening and the reunion was concluded with a diner and music at the tennis club where everyone seemed to have had a very enjoyable time to the accompaniment of a very good local band.

Monday July 26Santa_Cruz0006

Visit to the “missions de Chiquitos” or commonly called the Jesuit Missions. Those missions have a long history and are now protected by UNESCO as a world heritage. Not part of the reunion but an option for the visitors which was not missed by the latter. There are some 9 missions still in existence but due to time we visited only 2 which are San Xavier and Conception. Fascinating trip but one has to know a bit of the history and visit those places to have any appreciation. In Conception we had a presentation by the president and the councilors of the municipality.
In closing I have to say that all the visiting cousins from all parts of the world do thank all our very friendly Bolivian cousins for such a great reunion and the time they spent to make that reunion such a very memorable one. A very special thank you to Oscar Suarez (more de Chazal than the de Chazals) and his lovely wife Chachi, Sonia, Monica, Renato, Dolly, Guido and his wife Ana Maria and Carlos de Chazal (jr).





After a flight from Santa Cruze we landed in Salta (Argentina) to be welcome by Lucio de Chazal who had arranged for a private bus to take us to Tucuman which we reached around 9:00 pm (no direct flight from Santa Cruze to Tucuman). There to welcome us were Lucio (Sr), wife Genie and their 2 daughters Silvana and Maria Eugenia. After a warm exchange by all parties we all sat doMINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAwn for a nice meal.

The reunion of the de Chazal cousins.

We, the tourists, were lodged at 2 different good hotels not far from each other. As for the Bolivian cousins, there was a bit of disappointment from the Argentine cousins about the turnout. But this did not prevent the reunion from being a great success. A fair few Bolivian cousins, after an exhausting trip of some 36 hours by bus, with the intrusion of the immigration officers at the border, Richard who would not give out the chocolates, finally made it at around 6:00 am on the opening day. As in Bolivia the cousins have arranged the hiring of one large bus so as everyone could fit in for the sightseeing tours.


Thursday July 29.

The morning was an open day which many of us put to good use by having a stroll in the city center. A good way of having a feeling of the people of Tucuman and how they live .

IMG011-600  IMG001-600  IMG010-600
At mid-day we took the hired bus, with a tour guide, for a sightseeing tour of the surrounding hills of Tucuman . We had a lunch on the way where we were able to get to know more of our cousins. We took the whole restaurant, everybody moved around during the lunch and to accompany the meal we had red/white wine with the de Chazal label (the wine came from Juan de Chazal vineyard). Lucio de Chazal brought a genealogical map of the de Chazals and this caused a lot of conversations about where each one decent from. Jump on the bus soon after lunch for the continuation of the trip and to stop later for an afternoon tea (South Americans have very late diners). We were back at the hotel late evening tired and not hungry for diner (not being South Americans we have the good or bad habit of having diner early and be in bed before midnight).

In the morning we all hoped into the bus and were shown the city and given a brief history by the guide. We visited such places the church Inglesia San Francisco with its ceiling covered of military paintings or frescos. Tucuman was a city at the center of the history of Argentina as well as South America as the boundaries between countries, at the beginning, were blurred. We also visited the Museo Nacional Casa Historica de la Independencia.

By early afternoon the group split and some of us went to a very good Argentinian restaurant where traditional beef was on the menu and of course, not to forget, a bit of Argentinian red to down the good lunch.
In the evening we had an official private diner at the club Guillermina which was packed. It was the occasion to meet the rest of the cousins and make friends. After diner there was a disco of both South American and European music which lasted until around 1:00 am.Argentina2CT0053-600
Saturday July 31.

This was the grand tour of the mountains surrounding Tucuman. A very interesting trip. Tucuman is flat with its agricultural land. As we start climbing the area is tropical with the respective vegetation. As we get higher the plant and trees disappeared to show virtually barren landscape. The latter is due to the wind blowing from the artic and the height. The place we eventually got to is called Tafi del valle Ruinas de Quilmes. There all the cousins, who came by bus or their own means, had a fantastic sit down lunch. As usual we took the whole restaurant and everybody moved around during the lunch. Do not have to say that the lunch ended quite late.
After getting back to the hotel there was not much time to get ready for the opera at Teatro Alberdi. Very interesting piece which lasted a bit over an hour without a brake. At the end there was some very long ovations and among the producers was Maria Eugenia de Chazal who was in charge of the back ground singers.

Sunday August 1.

This was the very big gathering at Silvana de Chazal’s place on the outskirts of Tucuman. There everyone went out of their way to be present. It was beef on the spit, run by a caterer, with all the MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAtrimmings and a very good wine to down the meat (cook to one’s taste as long a you talk to the chef). For entertainment there was a singer but he was pushed aside by a couple, professional dancers, showing us the art of the tango as well as teaching us the intricacies of the dance. In the evening we went through what was left over and some wine. The party ended quite late with everybody happy of the day. The farewell was not easy.

The Argentinian cousins gave us a very nice souvenir of the music of Argentina on dvd. It comprises a mixture of folklore and tango with the cover showing Chazfest 2004, Tucuman Argentina with the family crest.
I would like to thank all our cousins from Argentina specifically Lucio, Genie, Silvana, Maria Eugenia and Augusto for going out of their way in the organization and the warmth of their welcome . We all, I believe I can talk for the other cousins as well, had a very enjoyable and memorable time as guests of our Argentinian cousins and we all thank them very much.





??????????Paris, New York, South Africa, Mauritius, Australia next next next!!!!!



Message de Lucio de Chazal – Chazfest 2004 – Tucumán – Argentina
Like a religious ritual of deep human significance, we reunited today with the usual regularity to ratify the union and solidarity of a great family that pleads to friendship. A blood bond unites us; the same genetic breeze vibrates in each one of us, but futhemore than all that, it plans the identity of the spirit which is what brings us together today as always. In a torn apart and cruel world, our family´s love acquires the symbolic value of uninterested and pure fraternity.
ENGLISH TRANSLATION (Christopher de Chazal)
“In our global family it is remarkable how we all have a common eminence manifest through our professional success and position in society” as David Ardill underlined in Tucuman. The story of our family has flourished just as well and brilliantly in South America where there are some 300 “de Chazals and relatives”, descendants of Francois and Guy. “Our forebears would have been proud to see how the family spirit is alive and well” as Virginia Taylor stated in her message read by her son Richard Dold during the reunions. Words alone are not strong enough to convey and describe the strong family bond, solidarity, generosity and kindness that pervaded the South American reunions. We were a score of privileged people from Europe, Australia, the United States, Mauritius and the Seychelles to live these intense times.
Firstly it was the Bolivian Saga with the whole town listening in on the different activities of the Chazfest. Each succeeding day the local press reported on and had photographs of this wonderful week. Lunch and dinner dances, a fashion show at which our talented cousin Montserrat Masanes presented her latest creations, a picnic at the estate of Carlos de Chazal, the second of that name, where we tasted so many local specialities to the strains of a traditional folk band and an extravagant and colourful luncheon in the generous home of Dolly Masanes. A week full of emotion, and we will not readily forget our inauguration into honorary citizenship of the astonishing town of Conception, cultural town of humanity, also the gift to each of us of a cassette showing a two hour video of the reunion. It was a privilege to meet the last of Guy’s sons Carlos, head of the family and a great patriarch.

To the rhythm of the tango, it was a fantastic Argentine cavalcade to discover the town of Tucuman and the surrounding hills under the influence of the seductive voice of Maria Eugenia and the malbec local wine, bottled specially for the occasion by Juan de Chazal, a doctor from Mendoza. Then an unforgettable concert of secular songs by Carmina Burana in the Alberdi theatre accompanied by the Tucuman symphony orchestra, our cousin Maria Eugenia being honoured once again for her brilliant direction of the choir. A perfect temperature for the final picnic which took place at Silvana’s hacienda where in a rare spirit of communal brotherhood we feasted on the superb Argentine quality beef, danced and listened to the spontaneous orations of different members of the family. A day ending late into the evening such was the reluctance to leave each other. Lucio, what wonderful orchestration and Negrita what an effervescent de Chazal!

A particular thanks to Jorge Giordano who travelled more than 5000 kilometres by car with his wife Roxana and their three children to be at the two reunions. Also to Maximo Bach who was also at both reunions, after the Tucuman reunion he had to continue his journey in the overnight bus with his family, as he was unable to continue his journey because of a serious mechanical problem with his car. What can one say of our Bolivian cousins who, after an epic journey by bus lasting 36 hours, brought their cheerfulness to bear throughout the Tucuman Chazfest.

A huge bravo to the organisers of these reunions who have given themselves so much trouble, also to Pierre de Chazal for promoting this Chazfest on the internet site . The poor attendance of those overseas was the only downside and it is a pity. Are we less curious, less daring, less adventurous, than our elders? Are we aware that we are privileged to belong to such a family? Few families in the world are able to boast of such an historical past full of exceptional people with uncommon stories to tell, well thought of for their probity and courage. It is true that the recent awakening of our family after a long hibernation, due to its dispersion, needs time and patience. More than a thousand people on all the continents, we are certainly unlike in culture and language, but these differences generate an impressing dynamism carrying us into the future. We should quickly react, evolve and unite. We should, one and all, feel concerned and bring our contribution to the family. New strengths should emerge, notably amongst the young. To those who have already done such a lot for the family, Virginia Taylor, Pierre and Tristan de Chazal, I ask them to for one more effort. To the organisers of the reunions, Francois de Grivel, Sonia, Monica, Chachi, Oscar (first cousin to the past president of Bolivia, Hugo Banzer), Renato, Lucio and Augusto, Maria Eugenia, Silvana, Christopher, I would encourage you to persevere. To those who hope to take part in the renaissance of the family I would ask you to make yourself known to [email protected] . For my part, my devoted contribution, being the eldest of the senior branch of the family, will be passionate and determined.

On another subject, I wish to bring to your attention a generous idea put forward by Nelly et David Ardill, our cousins from the Seychelles; to help a young person from the family who is unable to pay for their education, to finance their studies This idea deserves success, please share your ideas with [email protected]

Following many suggestions during the Bolivian and Argentine reunions and also because a number of Bolivian cousins have requested French nationality, it would be sensible to organise the next Chazfest in the country of origin of our family, France, for a week during the summer of 2007. It would be appropriate to choose the date in relation to the Southern Hemisphere scholastic calendar, bearing in mind that in Bolivia, as in Argentina, pupils have only 15 days holiday in July. Francois de Grivel has suggested a bus tour, the itinerary to be as follows: Paris, la Sablonière (Pierre de Chazal’s home in the 18 century), the Chateaux of The Loire, then the Auvergne, cradle of the family where there are still some remains of the château de Marcilly le Chatel and finally to end at the banks of the Dordogne. This reunion would represent a huge organisational task and difficult logistics, it should be the work of us all. For example, Suzanne de Chazal would take on the publicity in North America and at the same time collate the participants from there. Julien de Chazal from Australia would endeavour to help the family find the cheapest air fares. Damien Serre could be in charge of, and arrange accommodation. Tristan has always thought that France would be an obligatory Chazfest destination. Could he, with Claudine, supervise this Chazfest in his homeland of France?

With Best Wishes

Jean-Pierre de Chazal


Dans notre famille à travers le monde il est remarquable de constater que nous avons tous en commun une respectabilité acquise par notre succès professsionnel et notre position dans la société” soulignait David Ardill à Tucuman”. L’histoire de notre famille se fait aussi de belle et brillante facon en Amérique du Sud où vivent quelques 300 “de Chazal et apparentés” descendants de Francois et de Guy. “Nos ancêtres eussent été fiers de voir combien l’esprit de famille est encore vivace” faisait remarquer Virginia Taylor dans le message lu par son fils Richard Dold lors de ces réunions. La force des mots reste impuissante à raconter et à décrire ce sens aigu de la famille, cette solidarité, cette générosité, cette gentillesse qui ont ponctué ces réunions sud-américaines. Nous étions une vingtaine de privilégiés venus d’Europe, d’Australie, des Etats-unis, de Maurice et des Seychelles à vivre ces moments de fortes intensités et de grandes émotions.

Ce fut d’abord la saga bolivienne avec toute une ville en liesse à l’écoute des différentes manifestations du Chazfest. Chaque jour reportages et photographies se succédaient dans la presse locale racontant cette semaine étonnante: déjeuners et diners dansant, un défilé de mode au cours duquel notre talentueuse cousine Montserrat Masanes présenta ses dernières créations, un pique-nique dans la propriété de Carlos de Chazal le second du prénom où nous avons goûté tant de spécialités locales au son d’un orchestre folklorique, un extravagant et coloré déjeuner dans la généreuse maison de Dolly Masanes.Une semaine époustouflante et nous ne sommes pas prêts d’oublier notre nomination au titre de citoyen d’honneur de l’étonnante ville de Conception patrimoine culturel de l’humanité, ainsi que la remise à chacun d’entre nous d’une cassette représentant deux heures de projection de la réunion. Carlos fils de Guy, quel superbe patriarche!

Puis au rytme du Tango, ce fût la chevauchée fantastique argentine à la découverte de la ville de Tucuman et des collines avoisinantes, sous l’emprise de la voix envoutante de Maria Eugenia et du Malbec vin du pays mis en bouteilles pour la circonstance pour Juan de Chazal docteur à Mendoza. Puis un inoubliable concert des chansons profanes de Carmina Burana au théatre Alberdi avec l’orchestre symphonique de la ville de Tucuman où notre cousine Maria-Eugenia était à l’honneur une fois encore pour sa brillante direction du choeur.Une température parfaite pour un pique-nique final en apothéose dans la hacienda de Silvana où dans un esprit de communion fraternelle rare nous avons mangé une viande de boeuf de grande qualité, dansé et écouté les interventions de différents membres de la famille. Journée qui s’est terminée tard dans la soirée, tant nous avions du mal à nous quitter les uns les autres. Lucio, quel magnifique chef d’orchestre et Mercedes quelle pétillante de Chazal !

Un hommage particulier à Jorge Giordano qui a fait plus de 5000 kilométres en voiture avec sa femme Roxana et ses 3 enfants pour assiter aux deux réunions et à Maximo Bach présent aussi aux deux réunions et qui lors de celle de Tucuman a dû voyager en bus toute la nuit avec sa famille faute de pouvoir continuer le trajet à la suite d’un grave problème technique sur sa voiture, et que dire de nos cousines boliviennes qui après un voyage épique en bus qui dura 36 heures apportèrent leur entrain durant le le chazfest de Tucuman.

Un grand bravo aux organisateurs de ces réunions qui se sont donnés beaucoup de mal, ainsi qu’à Pierre de Chazal pour la promotion de ce Chazfest sur le site internet . La faible participation des étrangers fut le seul bémol et c’est regrettable. Serions nous moins curieux, moins audacieux, moins aventureux que nos ainés ? Avons nous conscience d’être des priviligiés d’appartenir à une telle famille ? Peu de familles dans le monde peuvent se targuer d’un tel passé historique chargé de personnages d’exception aux aventures hors du commun salués pour leur probité et leur courage. Il est vrai que le récent réveil de notre famille après une longue hibernation dûe à sa dispersion à travers le monde demande du temps et de la patience. Forts d’un millier de personnes sur tous les continents, nous sommes certes dissemblables de culture et de langue, mais ces differences génèrent une impressionnante dynamique porteuse d’avenir.Nous devons vite réagir, évoluer et nous unir. Nous devons tous et toutes nous sentir concernés et apporter notre contribution à la famille. Des forces nouvelles doivent émerger et notamment chez les plus jeunes. A ceux qui ont déjà beaucoup fait pour la famille, Virginia Taylor, Pierre et Tristan de Chazal, je voudrais dire encore un effort. Aux organisateurs des réunions, Francois de Grivel, Sonia, Monica, Chachi, Oscar(cousin germain de l’ancien président de la Bolivie Hugo Banzer), Renato, Lucio et Augusto, Maria Eugenia, Silvana, Christopher, je voudrais vous encourager à persévérer. A ceux qui souhaitent participer à la renaissance de la famille, je vous demande de vous faire connaitre à [email protected] Pour ma part, ma contribution dévouée d’ainé de la branche senior de la famille, sera passionnée et décidée.

Je voudrais par ailleurs vous faire part d’une idée généreuse de Nelly et David Ardill, nos cousins des Seychelles: aider un jeune de la famille à faire des études qu’il ne peut se payer. Cette idée doit germer. Faites part de vos suggestions à : [email protected]

Suite à de nombreuses discussions lors des réunions de Bolivie et d’Argentine et aussi parce qu’un certain nombre de cousins boliviens ont fait la demande de la nationalité française, il serait judicieux d’organiser le prochain Chazfest dans le pays d’origine de notre famille la France pour une semaine durant l’été boréal 2007. Il conviendrait de choisir les dates en fonction du calendrier scolaire de l’hémisphère sud, sachant aussi qu’en Bolivie et Argentine les élèves ont seulement 15 jours de vacances au mois de juillet. Francois de Grivel suggérait un voyage en car dont l’itinéraire serait le suivant: Paris, la Sablonière(la maison qui fut celle de Pierre de Chazal au 18 siécle, les châteaux de la Loire, et l’Auvergne berceau de la famille où il reste encore quelques vestiges du château de Marcilly le Chatel, pour se terminer aux abords de la Dordogne. Ce type de réunion représente un énorme travail d’organisation et une logistique importante. Cela devrait être l’affaire de tous. Par exemple, Suzannne de Chazal s’occuperait de la promotion du continent nord américain et en même temps de collecter les participations. Julien de Chazal d’Australie se propose d’aider la famille à trouver les billets d’avion aux meilleurs prix. Damien Serre pourrait s’occcuper du logement et de l’intendance. Tristan a toujours pensé que la France serait une terre d’accueil obligée à un Chazfest. Puisse-il avec Claudine superviser sur sa terre de France ce Chazfest là ?

Amitiés sincères.
Jean-Pierrede Chazal


TRADUCCIÓN (Christina Devoto Bach de Chazal)
“Es notable ver cómo nuestra familia tiene en común en todo el mund un respeto logrado por nuestro éxito profesional y nuestra posición en la
sociedad” dijo David Ardill en Tucumán. La historia de nuestra familia se da también así en América del Sur, donde viven unos 300 de Chazal y parientes
descendientes de François y de Guy. “Nuestros antepasados hubiesen estado orgullosos de ver cómo el espíritu de familia sigue vivo” hacía notar
Virginia Taylor en el mensaje leído por su hijo Richard Dold en una de las reuniones. Las palabras no alcanzan para contar y describir ese sentido
fuerte de familia, esa solidaridad, esa generosidad, esta bondad que marcaron las reuniones sudamericanas. Éramos una veintena de privilegiados
venidos de Europa, de Australia, de Estados Unidos, Mauricios y de las Seychelles que vivimos esos momentos tan intensos y de grandes emociones.

Primero fue lasaga boliviana con una ciudad entera de fiesta y atenta a las diversas manifestaciones de la Chazfest. En la prensa local aparecieron
todos los días fotos y reportajes dando cuenta de esta maravillosa semana. Almuerzos, cenas, bailes, un desfile de modas, en el que nuestra prima
Montserrat Masanes presentó sus últimas creaciones; un picnic en lo de Carlos de Chazal, el 2° de ese nombre, donde probamos muchas especialidades
locales al son de una orquesta folklórica. Un almuerzo colorido y extravagante en la casa tan generosa de Dolly Masanes de Chazal. Una semana
impresionante. No vamos a olvidar nuestro nombramiento de ciudadanos ilustres de la asombrosa Ciudad de Concepción, patrimonio mundial de la
humanidad, así como la entrega a cada uno de uno de nosotros de un cassette con dos horas de proyección sobre la reun ión. Carlos, hijo de Guy ¡qué
maravilloso patriarca!.

Después al ritmo del tango fue la fantástica recorrida argentina, descubriendo la Ciudad de Tucumán y sus cerros vecinos con la cautivante
voz de María Eugenia y llevados por el Malbec, vino del país embotellado para la ocasión por Juan de Chazal, doctor en Mendoza. Luego el inolvidable
concierto de canciones profanas de Carmina Burana en el Teatro Alberdi con la Orquesta Sinfónica de la Ciudad de Tucumán, en el que nuestra prima María
Eugenia se destacó por su brillante dirección del coro. La temperatura resultó perfecta para un picnic final en la quinta de Silvana donde en un
raro espíritu de comunión fraterna comimos carne de excelente calidad, bailamos y escuchamos las intervenciones de los distintos miembros de la
familia. Ese día terminó tarde en la noche por lo difícil que nos resultaba separarnos. Lucio ¡qué maravilloso director de orquesta! Y Negrita ¡qué
chispeante de Chazal!.

Un homenaje especial a Jorge Giordano, que hizo más de cinco mil kilómetros en auto con su mujer Roxana y sus 3 hijos para asistir a las dos reuniones, y a
Máximo Bach, presente también en las dos reuniones y que para la de Tucumán tuvo que viajar en ómnibus toda la noche con su familia ya que el auto se
le descompuso por el camino. Y qué decir de las primas bolivianas que después de un viaje épico de 36 horas aportaron su entusiasmo en el Chazfest
de Tucumán.

Un gran aplauso a los organizadores de esas reuniones que se desvivieron por ellas así como a Pierre de Chazal por la promoción de la Chazfest en el
sitio de internet http// . La poca participación de los extranjeros fue la sola nota a lamentar ¿Será que somos menos curiosos,
menos audaces, menos aventureros que nuestros mayores? ¿Tenemos conciencia de ser privilegiados al pertenecer a una familia como esta?. Pocas familias
pueden enorgullecerse de semejante pasado histórico lleno de personajes xcepcionales con aventuras fuera de lo común y reconocidos por su probidad y
coraje. Es cierto que el despertar reciente de nuestra familia, luego de una larga hibernación debida a su dispersión por el mundo, necesita tiempo y
paciencia. Con un millar de personas en todos los continentes, somos por cierto difrentes en culturas y lenguas, pero esas diferencias generan una
impresionante dinámica llena de futuro. Tenemos que reaccionar pronto, evolucionar y unirnos. Tenemos que sentirnos todos y todas parte y aportar
nuestra contribución a la familia. En los más jóvenes hay fuerzas nuevas que hay que hacer surgir. A los que hicieron mucho por la familia, Virginia
Taylor, Pierre y Tristán de Chazal, les quiero pedir aún un esfuerzo más. A los organizadores de las reuniones, François de Grivel, Sonia, Mónica,
Chachi, Oscar (primo hermano del antiguo Presidente de Bolivia, Hugo Banzer), Renato, Lucio et Augusto, María Eugenia, Silvana, Christopher,
quisiera animarlos a perseverar. A los que desean participar del renacimiento de la familia, les pido que se den a conocer a
[email protected] .Por mi parte, mi contribución y entrega como mayor de la rama senior de la familia, va a ser apasionada y decidida.

Quisiera, por otra parte, comunicarles una idea generosa de Nelly y David Ardill, nuestros primos de Seychelles: ayudar a un joven de la familia a
hacer estudios que no se puede pagar. Cualquier sugerenca a: [email protected]

A consecuencia de muchas discusiones en las reuniones de Bolivia y de Argentina, y también por que un cierto número de primos bolivianos han
pedido la nacionalidad francesa, sería razonable realizar la próxima Chazfest en el país de origen de nuestra familia, Francia, durante una
semana del verano boreal 2007. conviene elegir las fechas en función de las vacaciones de invierno que tienen durante 15 días del mes de julio, los
estudiantes de Bolivia y Argentina. François de Grivel sugería el siguiente itinerario, en ómnibus: París, la Sablonière (la casa que fuera de Pierre de
Chazal en el Siglo XVIII), los castillos del Loire y Auvergne cuna de la familia donde quedan aún vestigios del castillo de Marcilly le Chatel, para
terminar en las orillas del Dordogne. Este tipo de reunión exige un enorme trabajo de organización y una logística importante. Por eso debiera ser algo
en lo que participemos todos. Por ejemplo Susan de Chazal se ocuparía de la promoción en América del Norte y de reunir las participaciones. Julien de
Chazal se ofreció para encontrar billetes de avión a buen precio.Damian Serre podría ocuparse del alojamiento y de la intendencia. Tristán siempre
pensó que Francia sería un lugar obligado para una Chazfest. ¿Se podría ocupar junto con Claudine de supervisar esa Chazfest en tierra francesa?.

Con todo cariño
Jean -Pierre de Chazal


Message de Lucio de Chazal – Chazfest 2004 – Tucumán – Argentina
Like a religious ritual of deep human significance, we reunited today with the usual regularity to ratify the union and solidarity of a great family that pleads to friendship. A blood bond unites us; the same genetic breeze vibrates in each one of us, but futhemore than all that, it plans the identity of the spirit which is what brings us together today as always. In a torn apart and cruel world, our family´s love acquires the symbolic value of uninterested and pure fraternity.

Mensaje de Lucio de Chazal – Chazfest 2004 – Tucumán – Argentina
Como un rito religioso de profunda significación humana, nos reunimos hoy con la periodicidad de siempre para ratificar la unión y solidaridad de una gran familia que rinde culto a la amistad. Un vínculo de sangre nos une, un mismo hálito genético vibra en cada uno de nosotros, pero mas allá de todo ello, planea la identidad de espíritu que es la que nos convoca hoy como siempre. En un mundo desgarrado y cruel, el amor de nuestra familia adquiere el valor simbólico de la fraternidad desinteresada y pura.
Mensaje de Carlos Roger de Chazal Echazu

Mi familia me ha pedido decir algunas frases de bienvenido a los parientes que nos visitan desce sus lejanos hogares para confraternizar con nosotros y lo haga mucho agrado y emocion porque el nexo que nos une a Uds. proviene de una tradicion secular que es cposible soslayar, habida cuenta que el empeno que tienen demostrado para hacer realidad una confraternizacion con los de Chazal de Bolivia significa un grande esfuerzo al trasladarse aca, sin embargo de las frandes distancias que antes nos separaron, pero que en adelante no seran obstaculo para continuar con el propsito de mantener vive el afecto de una relacion que Uds. han iniciado con la entusiasta participation de nuestro querido Jean-Pierre, principal promotor del contacto con la famil,ia existente en nuestro pais.

En la ocasion no puedo evitar de referirme con el mayor respecto y carino, a mi padre Guido, tronco principal nuestro, no solo por el estrecho vinculo que nos une, sino por su calidad humana. El fue una persona singular, de ponderadas virtudes, como posseder de los mas elevados valores que son privilegio de los grandes.

Mi querido padre, no solo fue apreciado y amadol por sus seis hijos, sine por toda la sociedad crucena de su epoca, para lo cual fue calificado como insigne caballero, forjador de la educacion de varias generaciones, a las que dedico sin retaceos toda su sapiencia y ejemplo de una moralidad intachable. Procreo seis hijos a quienes legre dotarnos de formacion profesional, sin embargo de no contar conbienes de fortuna, con base a un esfuerzo ponderablr, como de renunciamiento a su propio bienestar.

Puedo decir con absuluta seguridad que todos sus seis hijos hombres, desde la ninez aprendimos a valorar su sacrificio y amor que tuvo para con nosotros, que hicimos un culte a su memoria cuando fallecio, sentimiento que sera imperecedero para siempre, veneracion que nuestros hijos y esposas tambien practicaron y practican.

Es necesario decir no obstante que la conducta rectilinia de mi padre no fue casual, sine el resultado de la nobleza de una familia cuya simiente hace que los de Chazal nos caractericemos por la pratica del bien y de los mas elevados valores que son los atributos de los seres humanos que cumplen con las ensenanzas cristianas, actualmente con estado de crisis.

Hago votos porque la corta estadia de nuestros apreciados parientes en esta ciudad resulte agradable y placentera, asi lo deseamos sinceramente, con mucho afecto


Es dificil para mi expresar mis sentimientos con palabras pero estoy seguro que ustedes podran interpretarlas. No pude despedirme de todos ustedes y aprovecho esta oprtunidad para hacerlo.Quiero primero agradecer la calidez y el carino que he recibido de todos los que viven en esta hermosa ciudad y el gran esfuerzo y dedicacion del comite de organizcion. Quiero destacar el trabajo de Renato quien ha estado las 24 horas al servicio de todos nosotros, y tambien del apoyo de su correo Leika, quienes no dudaron en quitar horas a sus ocupaciones y a su descanso para hacernos sentir confortablemente. Sin duda lo han logrado. Rescato tambien unas palabras que me dijo Jean-Pierre en Buenos Aires el ano pasado: en Santa Cruz esta “vivo” el espirito de la familia de Chazal. Fueron esas palabras las que motivaron mi participacion aqui. Es por eso que Jean-Pierre es el alma y motor de este espectalular encuentro. Por eso este especial “Gracias”. Gracias a todos los que me hacieron sentir en familia. Gracias a los que no no tuve el tiempo necesario para compatir y gracias a los que tuve la oportunidad de compartir de mas cerca, Thibault, Damien, Segolene, Ledida, Roxana, Enrique, y por su puesto Gracias Renato y a Jorge. No tengo otras palabras mas que gracias, gracias. Estoy con ustedes esta noche. De aqui en mas estaremos en contacto.

Los quiere y los llevo en mi corazon