Décès de Mado, (Madeleine Ardill, née de Chazal), ce 20 novembre 2017 à Maurice. Elle avait 97 ans.


Madeleine de Chazal (1920) < Marc de Chazal (1881) < Pierre Edmond de Chazal (1837) < Furcy de Chazal (1810) < Toussaint de Chazal (1770) < Régis de Chazal (1735) < Noble Aimé de Chazal (1706) < Jean-Baptiste Chazal (16..) < Jean II Chazal (16..) < Jean I Chazal (16..)


A few words for Mado’s funeral

My heart is overflowing with grief and love, sadness and gratitude. I am with you now.
We must part from our beloved mother, aunt and friend.

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Mado lived her life to the full. Actually she lived many lives in one lifetime. The first in Mauritius was comfortable and easy-going. It was followed by the life of wandering across the world. This second life was often hard but exciting and full of adventure. She lived her last life in Barattano where she had created a new home with Harry with so much love. After his death she was completely self sufficient and autonomous until she was forced to leave.

She loved life, was always eager to see and learn new things, was full of fun. Towards the end she could no longer turn away from the fear, weakness, sadness and anger she had never been able to acknowledge when she was still strong. Now she has done it all.

She was a fighter, very brave, a warrior at heart. A warrior cannot lose and will never surrender. She fought for her independence, never complained or asked for help. In the end she had to accept help against her will and was so fortunate to have been cared for with so much love and patience, first by Caroline, then David and Nellie and last but not least in Chantenay. My heartfelt thanks to all of them.

And in her last days and hours Mado knew how to surrender. She knew it was time to let go and had no need to fight any more.

May she rest in peace. She will be in my heart forever.